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The Sun sets on Surfdale in new Western improv show

Waiheke Comedy is ready and raring to send audiences back in time to when outlaws swaggered into the saloon and good-hearted sheriffs took care...

Waiheke Comedy blasts off into A Space Oddity

Waiheke Comedy launches into outer space with its latest show, 2021: A Space Oddity.  Known for popular stage soap operas Ostenders and Rocky Baywatch, Waiheke...

Tickets run hot for Rocky Baywatch

Homegrown comedic soap opera, Rocky Baywatch, was due to start a season of shows at Artworks theatre this week. Undeterred by the derailing effects...

Rocky Bay gets comedy spotlight

Get ready for another five weeks of serious comedy with Waiheke Comedy’s next big stage soap, Rocky Baywatch which is set to storm the Artworks Theatre...

The plot thickens for the Ostenders

The burning question of ‘Who killed Barry?’ remains one of several hot topics amongst the Ostenders as episode three on Tuesday delved even deeper...

Ostenders soap cleans up at Artworks

Considering the sell-out first show of Waiheke’s first soap opera Ostenders, it’s more than likely that a few other suburbs may get a workover...

Rhys Mathewson stars in comedy show

Start the New Year off by stretching those laughing muscles at the first Waiheke Comedy Show of 2017. Headlining the show is Rhys Mathewson,...