Rams players Danny Priest and Corey Alofivae.

The mighty Waiheke Rams made a long awaited return last Saturday, beating old rivals the Glenora Bears by 36–18 at Harold Moody Park in Glen Eden. 

The two sides have tussled with each other for over 30 years but the Bears hosted the Rams at their club for the first time, with all previous games taking place at either Victoria Park or Ostend Domain. 

Disadvantaged by arriving at Glenora’s home grounds with only 14 players in tow, the Rams’ woes only grew when two team members weighed in at 91kg. They were given 30 minutes to drop a kilo in order to make the grade which is open age with a 90kg weight restriction. 

Black rubbish bags and laps of the park led to a successful second weigh in for the players who were told to lay off the pies next week. • Sarah Gloyer

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