• Conor Lorigan

The Lonely Huckatoos continue to rocket up the Waiheke social touch tournament rankings. Three wins on the trot have seen these social outsiders spreading fear throughout the island with their speed, agility and good looks. 

On a sunny and breezy Thursday evening in the first week of December, the Huckatoos beat the Touchy Subjects by two tries, 8-6. 

Miles Rewiti Saunders left the Subjects touching a long trail of te rehu (hazy mist) behind him in each of his break away tries. For the Subjects, Josh Williams moved like a tīwaiwaka and made the Huckatoos question whether in fact they were in the Matrix and this man had been training with Morpheus. 

Jaten Ormsby Robb of the Huckatoos had several try-saving dive-touches while showing off the sort of skills more akin to a football goalkeeper. 

Meanwhile, following the game, sources in Australia have confirmed there has been a phone call from the Melbourne Storm enquiring into the availability in the halves of Huckatoos player Morgan Jones after his cut-out pass to Rewiti Saunders for a try had three Subject players thinking that they were somehow in a dream, hoping that when they woke they would be back in the warm comfort of their blanket. According to sources, Jones is weighing his options and considering whether Melbourne is the best place for his talents.• Conor Lorigan

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