Liza Hamilton talks to a Waiheke resident who’s at the forefront of the global high-tech  fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Mechanical engineer Ben King has joined an army of volunteers in the scramble to find solutions in a global face-off with the coronavirus pandemic. Working out of his Waiheke home, Ben is using his 3D printer to help produce safety equipment for healthcare workers on the frontline of the Covid-19 crisis. His involvement comes as world headlines bring stories of medical staff improvising safety equipment in an effort to stay safe; in some cases using snorkels and safety goggles as masks and bin liners as aprons. Meanwhile, he is collaborating with a team of innovators in the United States as they work on a new ventilator prototype. Ben said he was inspired by a relative in New York who is helping make tens of thousands of face shields to help equip frontline workers there. When he was contacted by Kiwi Tim Carr of Mindkits, who created a database of 3D printer owners to print masks for understocked medical clinics, he was already sold on the idea.

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