Erin Gallimore came first in New Zealand for year 5 English in the recent ICAS Assessments and received a gold medal at a ceremony at the University of Auckland on Saturday

Erin Gallimore, a year five student at Te Huruhi Primary School, came top in New Zealand for English in this year’s ICAS Assessments. Erin attended a ceremony at the University of Auckland on Saturday where she was awarded with a medal for her achievement. Te Huruhi School’s deputy principal Tess Parlane says Erin’s result is a wonderful achievement and the second time a Te Huruhi School student has come top in New Zealand in the ICAS Assessments. Erin also achieved High Distinction for English and Writing. Students from both Te Huruhi and Waiheke Primary Schools achieved outstanding results in the assessments. Two other Te Huruhi students achieved High Distinction which places them in the top one percent across New Zealand for their year group. Those students are Saskia Hunt for year 4 English and Alexander Waddell-Richa for year 4 Mathematics. At Waiheke Primary School Libby Ramsay achieved High Distinction in Writing. Four Te Huruhi students received Distinction in English or Maths which places them in the top 10 percent of their cohort. They are Juliet Glover in year 4 English, Isaac Thorpe in year 5 English, and Mia Carnevale in year 6 English. Hugo Velvin achieved Distinction in year 6 Mathematics. This year, 30 students from Te Huruhi School and 16 from Waiheke Primary took part in the assessments. Four Te Huruhi students received Merit and 16 received Credit results. The exams are administered by the University of New South Wales. •

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