Batsman Sonny Te Rore strikes the ball with catcher Mack Gordon behind. Photo Kim Gordon

It was great to see so many players coming along for the Waiheke Mustangs Softball Club’s training game on Saturday even though it was the middle of the school holidays.  They are loving the fast paced nature of the game and are picking it up quickly.

Liam Glover took the team’s pitching to a whole new level and scored a home run, while Eden Mead pitched some stunners.  

Mack Gordon quickly adapted to the role of catcher, getting a few players out before they could reach first base. Brothers Oran and Cael Macleod demonstrated their all-round skills as both batters and fielders.

By the end of the game the boys had earned their sausage and cold drink.

The parents are having to learn a whole new language as the players learn to bunt, hit a fly and ground a ball

Training is from 6pm to 8pm on Monday nights and on Saturdays at 10.30am at the Waiheke Sports Club on the Causeway.  From the end of October the club will alternate between training games on the island and  tournaments in town.  

Feel free to come along and give it a go, or email for more information. • Kim Gordon

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