Full story in this week's Gulf News... Mark Lapwood with one of the images from his new exhibition, Ngā Manu o Waiheke - Birds of Waiheke. Photo Christine Spicer

Perched high above Blackpool Beach overlooking mudflats, sea and bush, Mark Lapwood NZCS ACS, cinematographer, independent film-maker, photographer and bird-lover quietly sits and waits. Camera at the ready, watching the swoop and flow of birds as they come in and out, alighting on a massive lightning struck pine tree a stone’s throw from his balcony before taking off again. 

Mark has lived on Waiheke for five years and during that time captured an array of fabulous images of the bird life on and around the property he shares with partner Christine. It is a selection of these images that Mark has put together for his captivating new exhibition, Ngā Manu o Waiheke – Birds of Waiheke, currently showing at Gallery Anomalous in Surfdale.

• Emma Hughes

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