In the first week of the month, a strange ochre hue tinged the sky, a result of rampaging wildfires across the ditch in Australia. Peter Rees Photography

The people’s choice word of the year for 2020 as voted by users was “unprecedented”. The use of the word skyrocketed in the second half of the year, so much so that using it became something of a cliché. But despite many people never wanting to see or hear the word again, it does sum up 2020 in a way that other words can’t. 2020 had its share of surprises, and unforseen challenges saw islanders come together to help and support each other through unprecedented times. 

As many of us look forward to a new year, Gulf News begins its four-part series to reflect on the stories and events that helped mould Waiheke throughout 2020 – stories of compassion, generosity, ingenuity and community spirit.

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