It was awesome to see all the visitors from Waihi Beach, Meremere and Waiuku ready to celebrate our 30 years with us – muddy track and all.

After showers brought a delayed start, the Super A’s and Modifieds were first out. It was great to see five Super A’s on the track with new car number 66 driven by Bruce Beaumont, Brett Williams in car 9, Taz Corinaldi car 71, Peter Chapple car 3 and visitor Dale Bigwood in car 36.

These guys brought exciting racing all Easter with round one seeing a win to Peter Chapple. In round two, Dale Bigwood had a fuel leak and Bruce Beaumont a possible fire with the win going to Taz Corinaldi. Round 3 saw the win go to Dale Bigwood and, in round four, Taz Corinaldi watched his tyre bounce past him.

Super B’s saw two cars from Waihi Beach racing with Waiheke and Super C’s had four cars from Waihi Beach and one car from Meremere. Sadly, Wizz from Meremere hit the wall in the first race and was out for the rest of the weekend.

On day two, Sunday, racing started at 11am with the sun shining for the Interclub Saloon Cup Challenge. The Super A’s were back with car 66 Bruce Beaumont not racing today and Peter Chapple took the win. The second round went to Taz Corinaldi. Last round of the day for the Super A’s saw a win to Dale Bigwood and a celebration lap with the chequered flag since it was also his 50th birthday (Happy Birthday Dale).

Round two time for the Interclub Saloon Cup Challenge with five cars from each club lined up. Exciting racing from Ben Whiting saw him take the lead with car 72 from Waihi Beach close behind until Ben got a flat tyre and lost the lead. Waihi Beach was now leading with Mike Jeffery in car 25 close behind. Then a car spun out in front of the leader and Mike Jeffery from Waiheke took the win on the flag.

But, as the cup is awarded on points from where each car finished the race, the final outcome was Waihi Beach 28 points and Waiheke 26 points – congratulations to Waihi Beach.

Then it was time for the Demolition Derby. With dark clouds looming and thunder with fork lightening in the sky the mayhem started. After many hits and steaming radiators the final winner was Hayden Hardwick from Waihi Beach.

Many thanks to Donna Roth and Pete Harris – there would not have been a Demo if not for these dedicated members. Thanks for everyone who came and joined in our celebrations. We had a great Sunday night with prizegiving and dancing. Bring on the next 30 years … hell yeah! – Diane Handyside

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