Diana Henry, who founded Wai Not taxis with her husband early last year, says bathroom accessibility is a struggle for mobility-impaired drivers. Photo Sophie Boladeras

Auckland Transport has acted swiftly in response to complaints that Wai Not taxi drivers were misusing a 30-minute mobility parking space directly outside Matiatia ferry terminal.

Community members raised grievances with Auckland Transport (AT), mobility permit issuer CCS Disability Action and the police around the company’s use of the space. Several taxi operators said the Wai Not drivers used the mobility park to gain a commercial advantage over other drivers who are required to use the taxi rank a short walk away in the 30-minute parking area. But despite their concerns, it was found that Wai Not was operating legally as both drivers with the company hold valid mobility permits.

“There was some loophole in which the company was able to misuse the area and they knew that,” Auckland Transport operations manager Richard La Ville told Gulf News.

“We have now replaced the 30-minute signs redesignating the space as a two-minute pick up/drop off area. A nearby mobility park at the end of the keyhole has also been changed to allow for two-minute use.”

Electric mobility scooter user Gail Prentice says AT’s quick-fix already appears to be having an effect. • Sophie Boladeras

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