Julie Biuso reads one of her poems.

With the Song and Poetry Thing unable to take place in person at level 3, Waiheke poets share works they would have read this week at the monthly gathering.

Bones, by Julie Biuso

I think about it often
though it’s nearly 40 years ago
And see it so clearly
feel it, even,
As we walked up to the coffin –
you’d reached out for me
and I was supporting your arm

Shrunk in your suit, stooped
chest heaving
You seemed so diminished
Not the father I knew
And then your knees went
under you, buckled, and
you nearly fell, without me
you would have fallen
But I caught you
and righted your fragile body

And even in my own grief –
swallowed deep
I was shocked how your grief
had made you legless
in your dark suit
and when I hugged you
I felt your bones

Today as I am vacuuming the threadbare carpet
the metal catches and
on old fibres
and strands
Where once there was plushness
and pile
there is just

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