The power of one


    Gail Prentice is staging a one-woman protest outside Matiatia ferry terminal. Gail, who has severe arthritis and other medical issues, says she’s disappointed that an island taxi company has been using a mobility car park to pick up passengers.

    Both drivers who work for the company, Wai Not Taxis, hold valid mobility parking permits entitling them to use the parking space closest to the ferry terminal, however their actions have caused widespread concern over the past few months.

    Complaints were made to permit issuer CCS Disability Action, the Waiheke Police and Auckland Transport – although none of the organisations have said what the drivers are doing is illegal.

    High hopes were then placed on a placatory meeting between the CCS Disability Action, the Wai Not operators, and Auckland Transport. But Regional Facilities Manager at CCS Disability Action BJ Clark told Gulf News the discussions were futile.

    Now, as Auckland Transport hustles to find a solution, Gail is ensuring the park is available to people who need it. •Sophie Boladeras

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