Above, masseuse Alexis Guerin with Four Square storeperson Alf Hemara. Left, Timmy Smith provides free tea. Photos Sophie Boladeras

Waiheke’s essential workers are being treated to free massages thanks to massage therapists Nat Davies and Alexis Guerin of Spiral Space. The duo decided they wanted to give back to those workers who continued working in high-risk and often strenuous jobs during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Last week, they visited Oneroa businesses to let them know about the initiative and set up their massage chairs outside the chemist.

“I have always known how much these workers have given over this period,” says Nat.

“Some people were able to have time for reflection and family during lockdown, some lost their jobs, and many people had to work even harder.

“I thought a 15-minute massage would be a great way to show our support for those essential workers and to acknowledge what they have done.”

Four Square storeperson Alf Hermara is one such essential worker. He pulled long shifts over lockdown in what was a high-risk environment.

“I worked throughout lockdown, I wasn’t worried about my health and safety during that time, but I do get sore muscles from lifting heavy pallets, so it’s nice to have this quick pick me up,” he told Gulf News.

The next massage pop-up for essential workers is on Wednesday 24 June outside Countdown from noon to 2pm. Tea connoisseur Timmy Smith has also provided sachets of loose leaf tea for people to take away after their massage. •

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