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Rocks from kororā habitat to be replaced

Rocks removed from the kororā habitat in the seawall at Kennedy Point for marina piles to be installed are due back in place by...

Marina digger damaged in carpark

An excavator used to remove rocks from the kororā habitat at Kennedy Point is reported to have been damaged while parked in the Kennedy...

Rocks removed from breakwater penguin habitat

Rock removal went ahead on the Kennedy Point seawall on Saturday. One lane of the road and the footpath leading to the ferry terminal...

Construction noise raises complaints

Waiheke residents have lodged five complaints over noise from the marina construction at Kennedy Point. But Auckland Council says there have been no breaches of...

‘Cars belong on land’: Push to downsize floating parking

Discussions around downsizing a floating car park at Kennedy Point continued this week after Waiheke Local Board chairperson Cath Handley suggested a rethink of...

Delay wall work until autumn, says expert

Massey University’s Professor John Cockrem visited Pūtiki Bay last Friday, having already given Auckland Council his preliminary assessment of a revised management plan for...

“It’s not over until it’s over” – Ihumātao activist

Lawyer and activist for Māori land rights, Pania Newton, sat on the breakwater at kennedy Point with a group of ten people from Ihumātao...

Protest occupation underway at KP

An occupation is underway at Kennedy Point to protest the construction of a marina in Pūtiki Bay. “It’s an on-site, Ngāti Pāoa-led occupation, supported and...

Marina approval faces appeal

A new group plans to appeal the decision to allow a marina at Kennedy Point. Waiheke Local Board chairperson Paul Walden is spearheading plans to...