Rock removal went ahead on the Kennedy Point seawall on Saturday. One lane of the road and the footpath leading to the ferry terminal was closed with a large security presence on site. New fencing erected on the road and footpath with blackout material obscured the work from the public.

Kennedy Point Boatharbour Limited director Kitt Littlejohn says rocks on a small section of the breakwater above the mid-tide line were moved and stockpiled at the toe of the breakwater on Saturday 2 April.

“A pre-commencement survey of the area by ecologists and a specialist conservation dog and handler confirmed that no kororā were present in the area where works were to be undertaken,” Littlejohn says.

“Ecologists were also on-site to supervise the individual movement of the rocks and no kororā were encountered during the works. This meant that no handling of kororā was required.

“Wharf piling works will now commence, and then the rocks will be put back in place.”

Māia Week of Protect Pūtiki says she was concerned that rocks were being moved carelessly and could fall back, with the risk of crushing kororā.

“It was frustrating to see that DoC wasn’t there at all to watch. One would think they would be present as well,” Week says.

Week says kororā burrows where the rocks were removed have been destroyed.

“Even if you are putting the rocks back you are removing that part of the environment that kororā use.”

Auckland Council general manager licensing and regulatory compliance James Hassall says the council’s compliance monitoring team is actively watching the works to ensure that they are undertaken in accordance with the consent conditions, and more specifically, the approved Kennedy Point Marina Kororā Construction Monitoring and Management Plan.

“The monitoring activity  involves technical report reviews, site inspections, communications with the consent holder and other key stakeholders,” Hassall says.

“We are satisfied that the works were undertaken in accordance with the procedures set out in the Kennedy Point Marina Kororā Construction Monitoring and Management Plan.”

• Erin Johnson

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