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It’s time to mend the cracks

The splinters and fissures running through Waiheke have never seemed so desperately close to causing a devastating crack in our delicately poised community. Sure, any...

The ties that bind us

Other than those who have lost loved ones, there would be few people hit harder in this pandemic than those who have been struggling...

‘No one is safe until everyone is safe’

“Today, I spent a big part of my day talking to genomic and biotech companies as soon we will run out of reagents as...

How to study canaries in the Hauraki Gulf

Hidden 133 pages into the quite magnificent 160-page State of our Seabirds 2021 report into our feathered neighbours of the Hauraki Gulf comes a...

A wake-up call from the birds

From the mad morning rush of squabbling tūī, the insistent barking of the neighbourhood ducks and the maudlin call of an elusive shining cuckoo...

Get stuck in, Waiheke needs you

Frustration, disagreements and financial hardship have been Covid’s calling cards for locked-down Waiheke. But now there’s something we can all do to help our...

Don’t close the door behind you

Scratch the surface of Waiheke and one of its first, and potentially most disturbing, traits you reveal tends to be a constant battle over...

Challenging times

“Epidemiological stupidity” isn’t a phrase that trips off the tongue easily – and, before the events of the past 20 months, would have had...

Ghost trees, who you gonna call?

As kids on long drives to summer holidays, we used to count ghost trees. Singing along to Abba or the Carpenters, eye-spying or counting sequential...

Lost and found

It didn’t help that I’d taken the wrong road home and it certainly didn’t help that I hadn’t yet learnt to keep a small...