Todd Knudson, Oli Wilson, James Dickson, Martin Phillipps and Erica Scally.

Local music enthusiast and photographer Graham Hooper writes about the final show of The Chills Snowbound Tour that brought them to Artworks Theatre last Sunday. –

It was about 30 years ago that I last saw The Chills at Ponsonby’s Gluepot Hotel, so it was nice to catch up with frontman Martin Phillipps before the show.

Steve Gunn, the support act, had some great acoustic songs and was well received by the local crowd. He even sold a few of his records during the break.

But it was Martin and The Chills who really brought the crowd out.

I saw lots of familiar, local faces – some I had not seen at a music event for a while.

The Chills, being one of the Dunedin Flying Nun Records bands, has a long, loyal following – and they got more than just the heavenly pop night.

Night of Chill Blue opened their show. Wet Blanket and The Male Monster from the ID soon followed, and they also played Submarine Bells and Pink Frost among others from their long career.

Though it took a long time for them to get here, we got a promise that they will return to Waiheke. Because, like every touring band from Jordan Luck to The Feelers, they love the trip over and the Artworks venue. I look forward to seeing who comes next.

Graham Hooper

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