Josh Ryan with Noeline Tatham filling up her water container at Onetangi Sports Park, one of the island’s emergency water stations.

After a critically dry period, Waiheke Island’s emergency water supply has now been activated with residents filling up containers at Matiatia car park and Onetangi Sports Park.
Water companies on the island are fully booked with one website showing deliveries backed up until mid-March.
Meanwhile, local board deputy chair Bob Upchurch has raised concerns about the health of island aquifers and said it was top of the list for discussion at this week’s local board meeting.
“I just had a water delivery and, talking to the driver, he said they actually couldn’t get enough out of the ground to meet their quota,” he told Gulf News.
“The real concern is the water table is quite low, so we need to consult with Healthy Waters to see whether we have a problem here.”
While Auckland Council’s Healthy Waters had previously assured the board the water table could handle the demand, Mr Upchurch said a “re-evaluation” was needed.
“We have to conserve water, but if the water companies and the aquifers are failing then we have a major problem.” • Liza Hamilton

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