A Drone shot of their beach mural depicting dolphins. Photo Warren Harding

A Sydney family has been adding some style to Oneroa Beach. Senta and Andy Hoyne, along with their three children Syrah, Rose and Hannah, have created a variety of intricate shell sculptures. 

Dolphin sculptures lasted a week, untouched by successive high tides. “Sometimes a few dogs run through it  – biggest danger is six-year-old boys,” says Senta. Eventually the sculptures are washed away. The family can see them from their accommodation just metres away from the beach. They enjoy watching people stop and take photos of the designs.

It is middle child Rose’s 11th birthday. She asked for a rainbow theme for her birthday so Senta and Andy have set up the house in rainbow colours. They have also created a rainbow sculpture so they could take a photo of Rose sitting in the middle of it. Senta is off to make a massive rainbow cake next. Friends are coming over from Auckland. 

The Hoynes visit Waiheke every summer, each time staying near the beach. Andy has a branding business. They have been in Oneroa for about for about five weeks. “We love being part of the community. The kids go to community events and dance classes. People ask us why we come all the way from Sydney to Waiheke. There is nothing quite like it,” Senta says. • Olivia Walker

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