‘No tears, just shock and then the realisation this was it – the end’


    Tim Baker travelled to the UK to celebrate his father’s birthday but found himself caught up in a Covid crisis that struck right at the heart of his family. The former FourSquare business owner and Waiheke resident says personal tragedy has given him a harsh but realistic insight into quarantine and the pointless pursuit of blame.

    As someone who has had a very close and personal view of Covid-19, I am somewhat alarmed to read about the blame game currently going on in New Zealand in regards to the quaratining and testing of people returning home. There isn’t a country in the world that hasn’t had issues around flare ups of Covid, of quarantining, of testing and then trying to manage their way out of lockdown. 

    From what I have read, NZ has done a remarkably good job in nullifying the effects of Covid – something the country should be proud of – something that the Government and its Chief Medical Officer should also be proud of. As with the management of Covid it’s a learning game – where to improve upon and how prevent a second wave of what is a destructive virus. The country can thank its lucky stars that it has discovered the issues relatively early on in the piece and if it means that returning Kiwis now have to go through more rigorous procedures so be it. Whilst the death toll in relative terms is small, the social and economic impact is devastating. It’s something I think very few Kiwis really appreciate.

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