Native Bird Rescue takes flight in 2020


In the run up to Christmas I heard so many people express that they couldn’t wait for 2020 to be over and done with and for the New Year to begin.  For me I felt the opposite, I celebrated an amazing year with incredible highs and lows.  

The challenges this year have been tough, it started with a drought, moved into a global pandemic, national lockdown, fears of financial survival, and now we are facing another La Nina summer with a marine heatwave and continue to live with the knowledge and impacts of the pandemic raging around the world.  

It doesn’t sound like much to celebrate, but the way our community and our country has responded to all of these challenges has been inspirational, heart-warming and reassuring.  

So I found myself at the end of the year feeling uplifted and in a celebratory mode about the way we as a community responded to 2020 and all it threw at us.  I am deeply grateful everyday to be here on Waiheke Island and here in New Zealand.We couldn’t run Native Bird Rescue to the exceptional standards we do without the support of our community.

Karen Saunders

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