Native Bird Rescue op shop takes flight


A somewhat serendipitous conversation during level-four lockdown resulted in the opening of a new op shop in support of Waiheke Native Bird Rescue this week. What comes as a bit of a surprise is that it’s located 430 kilometres away – in Napier.

Native Bird Rescue founder Karen Saunders was at the opening of Fine Feathers on Tuesday and says she’s rapt.

“At the start of level-four lockdown, I got a call from a contact of mine called Marion Waterland.”

Marion was calling to ask about window decals to prevent birds from colliding with glass windows, and the two ended up having a long chat.

“It was one of those magical level-four remote communication moments,” says Karen.  “We hit it off instantly with many common shared passions for our avian wildlife, the environment, the water and boats.”

Marion has years of experience managaing an op shop in Napier, which raised funds for wild bird rehabilitation, and the shop had previously supported Waiheke Bird Rescue and other operations nation-wide with funding to support native species.• Sophie Boladeras

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