Te Huruhi Primary pupils held a Mini Market Day last Friday as part of a programme to get them thinking entrepreneurially from an early age.

With a modest budget of $20 each and two weeks to prepare, year 5 and 6 children set up 26 stalls selling food items they made themselves. They raised more than $1000.

The PreP Young Enterprise programme encourages children to practise business skills such as market research, accounting, finance, budgeting, profit and loss and product design in a fun, hands-on way.

Pac Man pizzas, chocolate-dipped bananas and lolly-filled cakes were just some of the tempting treats on offer at the well-attended event.

“I learned that running a company is a lot harder than you think and that you have to be resilient,” said year 6 student Quentin Clarke.

Before the market day, the children conducted field research, visiting local businesses including Countdown, RAW, BNZ and the Post Shop for a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into running a business.

Countdown manager Dave Collo took more than 100 curious students on an hour-long tour of the produce department, bakery, deli and butchery, which included kneading dough and experiencing the brisk temperatures of the chiller room. At the Post Shop, manager Dale Griffin showed the inner workings of the island’s mail distribution centre, from post boxes to checking parcels for contraband items.

Later in the term, the students will hold another market day selling self-crafted wares such as decorative plant pots, mirrors and fidget spinners. • Anna Ngo

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