Preschoolers had a blast last Sunday afternoon at the Waiheke Playcentre Halloween party.

Excited children arrived dressed up as fairies, skeletons, ghosts and witches – even Donald Trump made an appearance.

The children made trick-or-treating bags before entering four magical worlds including a ghost house, a fairy tree, a witch’s cave, and a pirates’ cove.

Playcentre mother Karyn McDonald says it was nice to hold a fundraising event that the children helped to plan.

“The kids were asking how many sleeps till the Halloween party all last week and luckily it lived up to expectations.”

The event was a huge success Karen says, and there are plans already to make it a regular fixture each year.

“Hopefully the event provided a bit of exposure about playcentre as well, as it is such a special place and all our families really enjoy it.

“For me, having no family on the island, playcentre has given me a real sense of belonging to a community, and when you are a sometimes exhausted parent with young children, having people to complain to, laugh with and share the ups and downs of parenthood with has been invaluable.”

If you are interested in joining Waiheke Playcentre, you can visit on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9am – 11.30am, 5A Albert Crescent, Ostend. •

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