Belinda Fabris is campaigning on community notice boards to get Waiheke residents to lodge complaints against Fullers with the Commerce Commision to put pressure on the company to improve its ferry service’s reliability. Photo Paul Mitchell

Tired of waiting for politicians, Auckland Transport and Fullers to make progress in addressing longstanding concerns about the reliability of the Waiheke ferry service, a Waiheke woman is taking action. Belinda Fabris has filed a complaint with the Commerce Commission, alleging Fullers is failing to meet its obligation under the Consumer Guarantees Act to provide its service, as scheduled, with “reasonable care and skill”.

Belinda says cancellations and delays are so common, island residents can’t rely on the ferry to get to the mainland in time for medical or work appointments. “You can’t even tell somebody ‘oh I’ll meet you [in town] at 12,’ because you can’t know if you will make it on time – or ever. And that’s not good enough for public transport.”

Despite years of complaints, and politicians promising to get something done, the service has not improved – so Belinda says it’s time for Waihekians to make more noise and put more pressure on Fullers. She is sharing the Commerce Commission’s phone number and links to its website on social media and community notice boards in a campaign to encourage others to lodge complaints. Belinda says she understands once enough people complain, the commission will investigate the issue and may impose fines or take Fullers to court if the complaints are substantiated. • Paul Mitchell

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