All in all, it’s just another few bricks for the school


If a school is supposed to provide the building blocks to a successful education, then Waiheke High School is taking its role extremely literally.

The call has gone out for Waiheke residents to scour the back of their cupboards and the dark recesses of their couches for any errant Lego bricks after a resurgence of interest in the popular toy.

Social sciences teacher Gareth Moore says the success of TV shows such as Lego Masters, in which competitors vie to create incredible models and win seriously big bucks, has meant his Creative Lego Club has really taken off. It’s only a couple of weeks old, but already he’s seen some “pretty fun design projects” up and running. 

“The students have time out at lunchtimes each week, watching and being inspired by Lego Masters and building anything creative they feel like,” he said.  “We end up with some incredible builds and creations.”

But the growing membership and ambitions to build longer, taller, complex and stronger pieces means Mr Moore is running short on supplies.

“Maybe the grandkids have grown up and there is still a bit of Lego sitting in the cupboard, or perhaps a mismatched set of Lego is still sitting there for the day someone can sort it out – the intermediate students and some Year 9 and Year 10s would be very grateful of the donation to our school supply of bricks.”

Anyone with spare bricks to help the club out is asked to contact 

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