Sam Downes as Duke, and Daisy Seen is Foo

Wyrd Sisters is the Waiheke Theatre Company’s 21st production and what a delightful coming of age it is. An entertaining night of magick, murder, destiny and universal truths delivered in Terry Pratchett’s distinct satirical fantasy style. One of the pleasures of going to a WTC show is seeing such a range of ages and experience all working together in the creation of a true community of players. From the adolescent exuberance of Theo Watson as TomJohn, to the experienced statesman of WTC’s John Brown playing a version of the Bard himself, the sense of ensemble and whānau that this cast share is palpable.

The Wyrd Sisters, whilst they certainly aren’t meddling, drive the action along with three very different versions of the archetypal witch. Linda Savage as Granny Weatherwax – the matriarch of the coven – has a contained yet menacing power and credit must be given to Macarena Rodriguez Romero for the amazing prosthetics adding to her classic storybook witchiness. • Vanessa Carnevale

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