Dave Evans and Jean-Jacques Deschamps flew up from Matamata for the day.

More events will be held at Waiheke airfield following the success of two fundraisers there this month, clearing much-needed cash for Coastguard Waiheke and the local branch of Rotary.

Aircraft flew into the airstrip from all around the North Island, there were vintages cars, food stalls and sausage sizzles, with around 500 people attending each event.

Organiser and CEO of Waiheke Wings, Chris Sattler says because of Covid-19 there wasn’t much time for planning, but he says it was a great success and looks to host another event at the end of summer.

“We were really, really stoked with the support from everybody on the island,” he told Gulf News. “I think everybody enjoyed it so much and a lot of people said, ‘Why don’t you do this more often?’

“So, we will probably look to do something again at the end of the summer when things calm down a little. There have been lots of suggestions about what to do, perhaps get a band, some people were talking about vintage engines and motorbikes, we’ll see. We didn’t have a lot of pre-planning and communication time, next time we will make sure we inform more people about it.”

A total of $2000 was raised for both Rotary and the Coastguard on the events on 11 and 18 October.•

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