Waiuku visit makes great weekend at Dirt Track


It was a great weekend at Waiheke Dirt Track with the Waiuku club arriving with three saloons and seven demolition cars and about 30 people camping at the venue.

Derby winner Rob Marshall.
Derby winner Rob Marshall.

The crowds kept coming in spite of a bit of a late start with racing.

First up was a great fight in the Super As between Peter Chapple, Car 3, and Ben Whiting in Car 666; every round was close exciting racing.

Once again in Super Bs Paul Delautor, Car 333, and Mike Jeffery, Car 25, had competitive racing, with Alysha McPhail in Car 30 not far behind them, along with Joel Sankey, Car 151, and Cody Horan from Waiuku in Car 287.

Super Cs saw Jason Hodgson from Waiuku in Car 55 and James Magee in Car 50 fighting for first and second. Russell Tennant in Car 72 was on form in his transformers yellow rocket but Taz Corinaldi, Car 71, didn’t do so well, his car deciding to pack it in while Sian Green in Car 5 got a placing.

Luke Sayer in Car 95 decided to hit the wall but still managed to keep racing.

Sam MacDonald, Car 716, was busy at a fire in the morning but did manage to get in a couple of races and Glen McLaughlin from Waiuku in Car 111 was also in the placings.

Team Demo racing had three rounds of fun tapping but not too much as they were saving the c,ars for the Demolition Derby.

The feature saw Alysha just wining by the skin of her teeth against Mike with Jason from Waiuku in third.

The Demolition Derby was the usual fun with 20 cars in the field having a smashing good time and the huge crowd on the hill enjoying every minute. The winner was Waiheke Dirt Track president Rob Marshall with Jason Olsen second, the president of Waiuku Dirt Track Club, Owen Bottomley, third. Great to see the two presidents battling it out. •

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