Waiheke appears to have left out of a new food-scraps “caddy” system announced this week by Auckland Council.

The scheme is expected to be implemented across the rest of Tamaki Makarau in 2023.

The food waste initiative relies on a new waste management system involving the “three bins” system. Ratepayers will choose to receive a 240-Litre, 120-Litre, or 80 Litre bin for household rubbish. The less volume, the less homeowners will pay for their rubbish removal at rates time.

The 240-litre recycling bin will stay, but a new rate-funded 23-litre caddy bin for food scraps will be introduced after a successful trial in Papakura and parts of the North Shore.

The changes are part of a broader initiative to standardise kerbside recycling across the country – bringing uniformity to the collection and recycling of materials.

Another proposed scheme is a return to a 1980s model of collecting empty glass bottles and cans, which can be redeemed via a vending machine for cash or potentially other rewards, incentivising people to return their empties.

Mayor Phil Goff said: “The rubbish bin should be the last resort. The container return scheme will get more single-use containers out of our public-place rubbish bins and reduce litter, as it creates a convenient recycling option for people when they’re out and about.”

• Jim Birchall

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