Commission member Jennifer Town with Maggie Wikaira and Nora West of the Upcycle Collective. Photo Sandra Chesterman

With its mission statement of “recycling to produce original, island-made art, craftwork and clothing from discarded materials”, Oneroa’s Upcycle Re-Design Store is at the forefront of effective responses to our environmental concerns – and it’s been there for the past nine years.

Situated in Oneroa, Upcycle offers local artists and artisans the opportunity to display their work and presents buyers with clever, innovative and quality products that help the planet by avoiding the waste stream and landfill.

From its home in Pendragon Mall, the store offers an extensive range of well-displayed products which include clothing, jewellery, homeware, gifts and art works in its light-filled L-shaped main area. Everything here has been made on the island from recycled materials. • Sandra Chesterman

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