‘Tread gently and help our veterans to tell their story’


    Our veterans hail from many generations and backgrounds. Whether they charged across battlefields, or fought on the high seas or in the air, they all helped forge the very fabric that makes up this country of ours. And our Anzac spirit is heavily entrenched in the values these veterans hold dear – values of courage, comradeship, loyalty, endurance and commitment. 

    Our veterans are our living history. With the dawn of each Anzac Day the numbers of our veterans grow smaller and smaller. But they all have a legacy to leave in their stories, and some of those stories are perhaps not yet told. 

    So now I have a question for you: what are the stories that have not yet been told? The stories that are your legacy,your history? 

    Of our 600-odd World War II veterans, only 12 have shared their stories so that their memories and experiences of the tragedy that was the war they fought through have been recorded for all time and so that we might learn the lessons they have left us. 

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