Since the Matiatia Summer Traffic Trial began driver Jan Climo says she has been stopped by parking wardens when trying to drop mobility impaired passengers in the keyhole’s disabled park. Photo Sophie Boladeras

The ongoing row between taxis and buses at Matiatia has spread to include the use of the few disabled parking spots at the island’s major gateway.

Taxi driver Jan Climo says parking wardens have made her leave the Matiatia keyhole area when she has attempted to drop off mobility-impaired passengers at a disabled parking spot near the entrance to the ferry terminal. 

Ms Climo, who drives for Executive Transport, told board members at the January business meeting last week that since the Matiatia Summer Traffic Trial was instated on 8 December, there has been confusion about where taxis are able to go. 

“If someone is in a wheelchair, they shouldn’t have to wheel themselves all the way to the taxi stands. We should be able to drop people off or pick them up close to the automatic doors to the ferry terminal.”

Changes to the way taxis operate in the area since the implementation of the trial include the creation of a taxi and shuttle stand within the public 30-minute parking area. The former taxi stand was closer to the ferry terminal building, so taxis were visible but, since it had moved, drivers say visitors unfamiliar with the island struggle to locate them. 

Executive Transport is the only company on Waiheke that operates Auckland Transport’s total mobility service, enabling passengers with total mobility cards to claim a 50 percent discount on taxi fares.•  Sophie Boladeras

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