David Waters is an old and wise head when it comes to building trolleys, so with the Great Gulf News Trolley Derby now just around the corner, he offers some practical advice to build your own safe speedster.

With the Great Gulf News Trolley Derby down Oneroa’s village street coming up on September 12 and scrutineering scheduled for Sunday, 29 August, at the old Blackpool School, it is time for constructors to get to work on new machines or perhaps wheel out last derby’s trolley and make a few go-faster modifications.

As one of the scrutineers for the last event, I can make a few suggestions. 

First it is worth thinking about the objective – which has to be to go as fast as possible down a comparatively short and not very steep course from around Oue St to Weka Road; and starting with a push.

The only obstacle – apart from other competitors – is the bumpy pedestrian crossing which requires some robustness in the wheels and axles and a reasonably accurate steering system so the trolley goes straight. •Dave Waters

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