Talk Peach founder Tash Crosby. Photos Sarah Gloyer

The Naked Lunch fundraiser for Talk Peach foundation for gynaecological cancers in New Zealand hosted at The Heke on Friday 28 October raised over $25,000. Survivors of ovarian cancer Roanne Izzard and Tash Crosby shared their stories and the shocking statistics on this deadly disease. 

Tash said she founded Talk Peach after feeling isolated, alone and scared from the time she was first diagnosed with the cancer in 2016. Roanne was diagnosed in 2018 and says she too felt alone after being handed a photocopied information sheet on ovarian cancer by her doctors. After scrolling through social media she found Tash’s Talk Peach foundation and she now sits on its board. 

Together the pair they are working towards informing Aotearoa on all gynaecological diseases and to giving support to those who are diagnosed.

Auctioneer Chris Jones from Sotheby’s Real Estate got top dollar for auctioned items from bottles of wine to skin treatments and Pilates sessions to rugby travel packages which had been generously donated. Fierce competition amongst bidders led to a healthy amount of funds going into the foundation’s coffers and both Tash and Roanne say they were “blown away” by all the support and the community warmth in the room.

Jessica Healy owns Grow Women’s Movement fitness classes with more than 100 members. After attending the lunch, Jessica says she learned a lot about gynaecological cancers and women’s health in general. She “felt empowered to help spread the word on the signs and symptoms.” In December Grow’s team will be doing the local running group’s 100km relay on the island’s Te Ara Hura track to raise money and awareness for the Talk Peach Foundation. • Sarah Gloyer

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