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Savage maths: the cuts to disability funding

My nephews Ben and James were born with a kind of intellectual disability called Fragile X Syndrome (FXS), a genetic condition which causes anxiety...

It’s shameful that young people can’t afford to live here

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon cares about renters. We know this, because he has just given landlords a golden Easter egg of $2.1 billion –...

Back to combustion junkmobiles?

I remember my first driving test as if it was yesterday. The testing officer was an officious cross between Severus Snape and Warden Hodges...

Public service announcement

I’ve always wanted to try Stinking Bishop, even though it has been voted the smelliest cheese in Britain. “If you can overcome the smell,...

Entering the ooze

What does a new year feel like? I’m old enough to remember entering ‘the ooze’ – the first decade of this century, one which...

Let them eat cake

I’m not sure what got into me. This year, having never made a Christmas cake in my life, I made three. I even bought...

New words, old ideas

A few years ago, the oldest dictionary publisher in the United States, Merriam-Webster, created a site called ‘Time Traveller’ which lets users find out...

The open window

It’s a windy day on Waiheke, and a gusty northeasterly is washing the trees in my backyard with rain. There’s a southeasterly predicted, strong...

Mirrors and microphones

On 28 April 2011, an English member of parliament searched Twitter for articles about himself. We know this, because he accidentally entered his search...

‘On his best night, he shot 67 kea’

“Last Sunday I dined on stewed kiwi at the hut of a lonely old gold-digger, who, besides the three cooked for dinner, had four...