Struggling cinema ‘as slow as molasses’


    Waiheke’s cinema is feeling the pinch with fewer people opting to lounge in the couches in front of the big screen for their viewing entertainment.

    “It’s as slow as molasses,” says projectionist Michael Somers, while front of house co-ordinator Jane Scarles says: “We miss our audience. Come back and see us.”

    The cinema’s longtime projectionist, Matthias Kroeger, pinpoints several reasons for the slow return since the lockdowns. 

    “People might be a bit reluctant to mix in groups and some people have just discovered the treasure trove of online viewing,” he says.

    Matthias also says many big budget films are being held back and the independent films that are coming through don’t have the same advertising budget.

    Matthias says excellent Labour weekend weather left them with “about five people per session” and the usually slow months of November and early December are even slower than usual. • Erin Johnson

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