Stephen White in the early days of Stonyridge, April 1986. Gulf News Archives

Singaporean company Alpha Ally Holdings Ltd has bought an 80 percent stake in Stonyridge Vineyard. This will mark a new era for Stonyridge, which was established in 1983 by Stephen White. 

Alpha Ally Holding Ltd will acquire a freehold and leasehold interest in 10.0108 hectares of land at 80 Onetangi Road.

Stephen, one of Waiheke’s wine pioneers, established the vineyard after skippering yachts in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Sailing the Mediterranean, he had fallen in love with the wines of France and Italy. He brought that passion back to New Zealand and, after extensive research, found an ideal north-facing site on Onetangi Straight to produce a world class Bordeaux. He, along with close friends and family, planted the first vines in 1982. Stephen produced Stonyridge’s first vintage in 1985 and two years later the vineyard’s famous, award-winning Larose. 

His success has been a source of inspiration on the island and the move is monumental for viticulture in New Zealand. The General Manager of  Te Motu Vineyard, Rory Dunleavy, says Stephen has done an incredible job of putting Waiheke wines on the map. “It is exciting to see what happens next. A new party involved will bring new energy to Stonyridge” he says. • Olivia Walker

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