Historic Fort Stony Batter was built at the east end of the Island 80 years ago during World War II. To mark the site’s anniversary, fort project manager Tim Moon suggested a series of events, including live musical performances, art exhibitions and a sealed time capsule in a proposal to the Waiheke Local Board last Wednesday, 28 September.

The time capsule would top off anniversary celebrations and would be viewable to the public at all times, containing a large selection of artefacts from community members including artists and scientists.

“This is a Waiheke’s response into the future. It’s the island community leaving some important knowledge and information to future generations. To tell the story of who we are, what we are doing, what is valuable to us” says Tim.

“Each of the community contributions will remain mysterious” Tim added.

He is keen to get youth involved in this project and record their dreams and aspirations for the world. The vessel will contain many letters from people who will be long gone when they are read in the future.

Tim envisions the capsule as a national attraction that will grow in popularity and mystery and it will be placed in the tunnel’s number three gun store, a 6x11x4-metre bolted chamber. Steel gates will protect the crypt from common entry but the public will still be able to view it. • Silvia Massa

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