A captivating photograph by local amateur photographer Shelley Wood will compete in the annual photographic Four Nations competition between Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand later this year.

“We were staying in Piha with friends in late May. I got up one morning and went for a walk on the beach when I saw this,” Shelley explains.

“It was the first photo I took that weekend.”

The photo titled Piha Squall is entered into the ‘Our Country’ category and will represent the Photographic Society of New Zealand in the competition alongside 30-40 other images in the portfolio.

“What attracted me was the juxtaposition between the rain on one side and the rainbow on the other.

“As soon as I got it up on my computer screen, I knew it was one I’d be entering into competitions.”

The photograph also recently won honours in the Laurie Thomas Landscape Photography Competition.

“I’m quite chuffed with myself,” Shelley says. • Emma Haas

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