Sandcastles were a highlight of the Te Ara Kirihimete Christmas event. Photos Jessie Dean and Erin Johnson

Te Ara Kirihimete Christmas celebrations on Saturday 30 November included festivities across Oneroa, including the beach. 

After activities, games and performances at the Sustainability Centre, Alison Park, Artworks and the library, stars marked the way for Christmas path followers to continue through Oneroa village to Oneroa Beach.

As the sun lowered, the sea breeze cooled those queuing to fill hungry stomachs with vegan sausages provided by Meat Free Mondays Waiheke. 

Meanwhile, on the beach, children were quick to begin creating their entries in the sand sculpture competition. Entrants worked keenly under strict time pressure, for Santa was on his way to judge the winning entry.

When Santa arrived aboard the splendid vintage fire engine, the sand work stopped and Mr Claus and Ms Christmas, attended by a crowd of children, inspected all creations and the Christmas Pig was deemed the winning sculpture. • Erin Johnson

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