A group of anti-marina campaigners pictured outside Piritahi marae in 2017
A group of anti-marina campaigners pictured outside Piritahi Marae in 2017. Photo Bryony Cole

The group spearheading the protests against a marina at Kennedy Point says their campaign so far is simply the “calm before the storm”.

In a full-page advert taken out in Gulf News’ sister publication Waiheke Weekender, Save Kennedy Point chairperson David Baigent writes their protests will ramp up ahead of another hearing at the Environment Court and before any work starts on-site – work that the developers have already said is due to begin in October.

“For anyone who thought the fight was done and dusted, it truly isn’t, SKP has been ramping up for a Goliath battle as it prepares for its next court date in the Environment Court and driving down to Parliament in August to get our politicians to start listening to the voice of the people,” Mr Baigent says.

“For the past twelve months SKP has been quietly and busily preparing for its rehearing application before The Environment Court.  It’s like the quiet before the storm.  The developer is aware of this, so to say that construction will begin in October, regardless of court hearings, is reckless and something they know just isn’t possible.”

The renewal of SKP’s stance against the marina follows the group’s annual general meeting in June.  

“Ultimately, we will continue to put our hat in the ring until we have exhausted all possibilities,” says SKP legal coordinator Sebastian Cassie.

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