Fullers staff have been firm about wearing face coverings while at work – but many passengers have been far less keen to mask-up. Photo Graham Hooper

Auckland’s snap level 3 lockdown saw ferry passenger numbers decrease by around 90 percent and some commuters said they were hopeful the swell in community cases would act as a wakeup call to those who are negligent when it comes to masking up onboard.

With Fullers360 lacking enforcement powers when it comes to mask-wearing, police have had to step in on several occasions. 

“Where necessary we have reported incidents to the police and enlisted support from the Auckland Transport on-wharf security officers,” a spokesperson told Gulf News.  

“In these instances, our crew alert the authorities and security assist crew, and where necessary, our crew will request police meet the passenger on arrival of the vessel at the wharf. Fullers360 has been required to seek enforcement support with relevant authorities only a handful of times.” • Sophie Boladeras

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