Mike Robertson from Fenice

Waiheke Restaurant Association president Cat Vosper says that although restaurant workers’ smiles might be hidden behind masks, the industry is elated to welcome customers with (socially distanced) open arms this week.

Last week, members of the restaurant association (WRA) met to decide on an island-wide strategy to navigate the legislative requirements mandated by government under the Covid-19 protection framework and vaccination certificate requirements.

Different establishments face different concerns when it comes to checking and verifying vaccine passes, and members of the WRA are working together to troubleshoot any unforeseen difficulties.

“This system is new for everyone, so we ask for patience and kindness as we work through it,” said Vosper.

“Our industry has been challenged like never before for the past 20 months. This latest lockdown has not only financially and emotionally challenged us, but our pre-existing staff shortage has been exacerbated by it. This further requires understanding, patience, and kindness from everyone as we navigate this new paradigm together.” • Sophie Boladeras

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