Auckland City Police say they are monitoring ferries to check that passengers coming to Waiheke aren’t breaching the new health order barring non-residents. However, police are not equipped to check all passengers or every sailing and some people are likely slipping through the gaps.

“While there is a presence, there aren’t set numbers of departures that police are present for,” a spokesperson told Gulf News.

The spokesperson says ferry passengers aren’t required to show police any set paperwork, although police will speak with passengers about their travels. Officers can make further enquiries if necessary, and anyone intending to travel for recreational purposes will be turned away.

“We encourage the public to do the right thing and avoid travelling to Waiheke for recreational purposes, given the risks posed by the Delta variant.

“Our staff are engaging with passengers and speaking with them about their reasons for travel. And so far, it is encouraging to see that the majority of people have been complying with the rules in place. Police have only had to turn away a few people at the ferry terminals.” • Sophie Boladeras

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