Karla Allies and Hera Paul of Ngāti Pāoa prepare to weather the storm at the Pūtiki Bay occupation site on Tuesday. Photo Erin Johnson

Ngāti Pāoa occupiers at Pūtiki Bay have taken the breather in construction on the Kennedy Point Marina to assess their occupation, meet with a strategist and sharpen their systems, says Karla Allies, a spokesperson for Ngā Uri o Ngāti Pāoa.

“On Sunday we had a community hui asking people to join us in solidarity to support us,” Ms Allies told Gulf News. At the occupation site this week there was a sense of battening down the hatches for the long haul as the weather deteriorates. A volunteer was fixing wooden pallets in place to strengthen a makeshift kitchen.

“The focus is trying to stop the marina development full-stop and making sure no damage is done to the habitat,” Ms Allies said. “I’m confident that we will keep holding them off with peaceful resistance.”

Out of the planning has come a dedicated logistics manager, a kitchen manager to organise volunteer cooks, and an art team to oversee the signs, some of which are starting to fade from 45 days of occupation. Erin Johnson

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