long-awaited government response strategy designed to revitalise the depleted Hauraki Gulf is a good start, but not brave enough, according to many advocates in the marine sphere. Several say they’re shocked the strategy allows for ruinous fishing practices to continue, albeit on a smaller scale.

Released on Tuesday, Revitalising the Gulf is a major new environmental plan in response to the 2017 Sea Change Tai Timu Tai Pari plan for the Hauraki Gulf.

Among a raft of strategies included in Revitalising the Gulf is the establishment of 11 new “high protection areas”. These areas will be akin to marine reserves, although they will allow for customary take.

The largest of the proposed high protection areas is in the waters near Little Barrier Island. The protected area, which covers 195km2, would have the greatest impact on the commercial snapper fishery, according to the government strategy, displacing 38 tonnes of catch with an estimated foregone annual revenue value of $359,551.

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