Neighbours angered by Cable Bay licence


    An application to renew an off-licence and an on-licence at Cable Bay Vineyard was vehemently opposed by a group of residents last month. Despite opposition, the liquor licence was granted with conditions, and the consumption of alcohol within The Verandah restaurant, which is currently unconsented, was prohibited. 

    Loukas Petrou, the owner of Cable Bay Vineyards, said at the beginning of the hearing on 25 June that he was not seeking to licence the front lawn area or The Verandah restaurant. He sought to renew the on-licence for the restaurant and function centre area and vicinity, which permits it to sell alcohol Sunday to Monday 11am to 11pm and Tuesday to Saturday 11am to midnight. The applicant’s off-licence permits it to sell alcohol Monday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm on the lower ground floor area and vicinity.

    Around 10 people provided submissions at the hearing in opposition of Cable Bay’s application, which was filed in 2017 and had been delayed due to resource consent issues. Solicitor for the objectors Mr Andrew Braggins said the application should be declined, or that the licencing hours and area be reduced, and that the plans for the licenced area were updated to represent the site accurately. • Sophie Boladeras

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