Audacious 80s supergroup Frankie Goes to Hollywood will reunite for the first time in 20 years to headline an epic Eurovision Song Contest opener to 30,000 people in Liverpool’s St George’s Square.

Co-frontman Paul Rutherford and husband Perry Newton, who now live on Waiheke, will fly out to the UK on Monday to prep for the show.

It’s a landmark moment for the band, which formed in Liverpool in 1980, scoring a string of hits worldwide including the BBC-banned Relax, The Power of Love and Two Tribes, before splitting in 1987.

They have been asked to perform at Eurovision as it’s hosted by their home city – it’s also nearly 40 years since controversial hit Relax was both banned by the BBC and topped the charts in a key moment of pop history.

The band, which consists of Holly Johnson (vocals) Paul Rutherford (vocals and dancer), Peter Gill (drums), Brian Nash (guitar) and Mark O’Toole (bass guitar) will be the headline act on Sunday 7 May, performing Welcome to the Pleasuredome. • Liza Hamilton

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