Two Fat Buns owners Remy Sandoy and Pounamu Gardiner

Hungry Kiwis went crazy for fast-food last week as lockdown rules relaxed, and Waiheke was no different with some takeaway phones ringing off the hook.

It was a welcome boost for Too Fat Buns owners Pounamu Gardiner and Remy Sandoy, who emerged from five weeks of lockdown with a busy start to business.

“We got straight into it and we had a really good response from the locals,” Remy told Gulf News.

“The first week was really good, I guess a lot of people wanted a takeaway after five weeks of home cooking. The coming weeks will be a good indication of what it is going to be like moving forward though.”

Like other delivery takeaways, Too Fat Buns is taking phone orders with customers picking up their food and using contactless payment.

“At times like this we are super thankful for all the business we get. It’s the only way we can survive and pay the rent, by getting local support,” he said.• Liza Hamilton

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